Yoga for Dancers (8-17yrs)

A Yoga class designed to target, lengthen and strengthen muscles needed for dancers and athletes. Students will learn calming breath techniques to optimize focus and movement. All levels welcome. No […]

RKDC Hip Hop Krew (9-17yrs)

Hip Hop Krew is Dancing with RKDC’s hip hop performance group for intermediate and advanced level hip hop dancers. Students will study various hip hop techniques while developing their own […]

Turns and Technique (8-17yrs)

A non-performing class that focuses on improving a dancers technique including jumps, turns, balance, coordination and more. All levels welcome. Hair must be worn up in a bun or ponytail. […]

Contemporary (9-17yrs)

This is an all levels class that welcomes boys and girls. Contemporary is a style of expressive dance that combines elements of several dance genres including modern, jazz, lyrical and […]

Hip Hop (9-17yrs)

A fun, upbeat & high energy class! Students will learn about various styles of hip hop dance, terminology, technique and choreography. Boys and girls are welcome. Sneakers and comfortable clothing […]

Jazz Funk Lv. 3 (10-17yrs)

A fun, upbeat class that studies jazz technique. Students will build on previous skills learned in level 1/2. Level 3 is for intermediate – advanced intermediate level students. ¬†Instructor approval […]

Ballet Level 3 (10-17 yrs)

A ballet class for intermediate level dancers. Students will build skills through intermediate level technique in areas of barre and center combinations, footwork, musicality, artistry, terminology and choreography. Instructor approval […]