Alex Wakim – Composer

Alex Wakim, New York-based film composer and Wichita native, grew up surrounded by Lebanese parties, orchestras, French albums by Legrand, the great scores of Desplat and Williams, and opportunities to […]

David Karagianis

David Karagianis is a composer, sound designer, pianist, electronic musician, percussionist and educator. He serves as the Music Director for the Dance program. David’s eclectic range and interests span film, […]

Mark Fitchett

After emigrating from Vancouver B.C. Canada, Fitchett studied composition and arranging at the Dick Grove School of Music in Los Angeles. He received an Associate Degree in Dance from El […]

Rose Eichenbaum

Rose Eichenbaum is one of the most respected photojournalists working in the dance field today. She is an award-winning photographer and author of Masters of Movement-Portraits of America’s Great Choreographers […]

Denise Lichter

Denise Lichter has been designing and constructing costumes for RKDC since 2001 and has been in the clothing and costume design field for 20 years. Her creativity and inspiration in […]

Toni Kitanovski

Toni Kitanovski likes to describe himself as composer who plays the guitar. He was mentored by Dragan Gjakonovski Shpato before moving to Boston in 1990 in order to continue his […]

Jake Simms

Jake Simms is a Wichita native with 8 years of experience at digital media startups in New York City. A product of being in that rapidly evolving ecosystem, he’s a […]

Brad Schelton

Brad Schelton has been creating memorable images for two decades. Starting his photography business in the creative atmosphere of Nashville, TN., he honed his skills photographing singers, models, and actors. […]

Victor Moore

Victor Moore was born and raised in the great city of Chicago and developed a knack for writing at the young age of 12. Sparked by the pain caused in […]