Alex Wakim, New York-based film composer and Wichita native, grew up surrounded by Lebanese parties, orchestras, French albums by Legrand, the great scores of Desplat and Williams, and opportunities to perform plenty of classical and jazz piano, Alex Wakim’s unique musical tastes have led him to explore fresh avenues in writing for the screen and the stage.

Based in New York, Wakim has recently completed several independent media projects, Frayed Roots (2020), Raindance Film Festival Official Selection, dir. Nay Tabbara | Kansas Theatre Works Podcast, including an original podcast production of Macbeth (2020), dir. David Mackay, prod. Jennifer Vellenga | Not Only You (2019), producer Ngoc Vuong | LaLuz Meditation (2019), dev. Greer Gisy | and is developing his musical, AN AMERICAN IN BEIRUT (which explores what it means to live in two different cultural worlds) with bookwriter Chantal Bilodeau after a successful workshop production. His time at NYU Steinhardt’s Graduate Screen Scoring program has proved a powerful launching pad for his career, and he is thankful to have been a winner of the 2020 Film Scoring Award, resulting in a live orchestral performance of his score, synced to picture.