Toni Kitanovski likes to describe himself as composer who plays the guitar. He was mentored by Dragan Gjakonovski Shpato before moving to Boston in 1990 in order to continue his musical studies. He completed his studies at Berklee College of Music and became recipient of Charles Mingus Award for extraordinary musical achievements. He studied with Greg Hopkins and Herb Pomeroy, among others. Special arranging and composition studies with Denis Grillo (a student of Paul Hindemith) and seminars of Georgy Ligeti and Liciano Berio at New England Conservatory and Harvard complemented his studies of musical composition. Moving back to his native Macedonia and armed with American experience and the best education full scholarship can buy he found himself equally comfortable leading a Gypsy Brass Band; creating and producing music with his friend and fellow guitarist Eric Malu Malu for an album featuring musicians from Kinshasa and DR Congo; and writing a large body of compositions in jazz idiom for his touring ensembles as well as symphonic pieces, music for feature films, documentaries, theatre, performance art and contemporary dance. In 2007 he created the first Jazz Studies Department in Macedonia at Goce Delchev University where he now serves as Dean of Music Academy and professor of Jazz Guitar and Composition. As composer of music for contemporary dance he often collaborates with choreographer Risima Risimkin.