RKDC Jr. Company

RKDC Jr. Company is a performance group that focuses on enhancing technique, performance skills and artistry by studying techniques from ballet, lyrical, contemporary, modern dance and choreography. Jr. Company dancers receive numerous opportunities to perform and choreograph in large and small groups such as solos, duets and trios. This group is not for beginning level dancers. 

Additional Requirements:

  •  2-3 years of technique training (ballet, jazz, contemporary)
  •  Concurrently enrolled in Ballet 2 or 3
  •  Director approval

RKDC Gear : Dancers are required to purchase RKDC Jr. Company Jacket & Shirt.

Please Contact Education Director Brianna Barron for more information.

Small Spaces was created August 2020 and filmed at Wilson Park in Torrance, CA.

RKDC is grateful for the generous support of the following organizations and businesses

Our Locations

18080 Crenshaw Blvd, #6122
Torrance, California 90504
Tel: 310-292-7024

9350 E. Corporate Hills Drive, #782491
Wichita, Kansas 67278
Tel: 316-290-9284


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