Emoticons was created as a reflection of our deepening dependence on technology and investigates its effect on our interpersonal relationships.  Through fierce athleticism and a bold visual design by lighting designer Eileen Cooley, the work explores how the digital world is infiltrating our daily lives and begs the question, “is technology enabling or disabling our ability to connect?”  

Emoticons featured an original score by composer David Karagianis and costume design by Denise Lichter.

The Regina Klenjoski Dance Company oozed, pulsed, undulated, bounced, glided and sailed through the air in their fearlessly athletic and original “Emoticons”, under the sure artistic direction of choreographer Regina Klenjoski. ”

– The Daily Fitchett, Lisa Fitchett


Beautiful partnering and athleticism complemented the motif of communications in an electronic age.”

Setting the Dancer Within Free, Vanessa Adelman

2011, Celebrate Dance Festival, Alex Theatre, Glendale, CA
Regina Klenjoski
Run Time
13 Minutes
David Karagianis
Costume Design
Denise Lichter
Original Cast Members
Anna Bowden
Erin Butkivich
Erin Butkivich
Danae McWatt
Sam Propersi

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