Mission and History

Mission and History

 “A dynamic, graceful and indefatigable presence”- Victoria Looseleaf, Los Angeles Times


RKDC’s mission is to promote the understanding of and to create a passion for the art of contemporary dance, making it accessible to both seasoned and new audiences. Through the vision of Artistic Director Regina Klenjoski, the company creates original dance works that feature collaborations with cutting-edge composers and theatrical artists.  RKDC is dedicated to bridging the gap between artist and community by engaging the public into dance and dialogue through classes, workshops and performances. RKDC promotes the value of modern dance in the community of arts education.


Since 1999, the Regina Klenjoski Dance Company (RKDC) has been captivating audiences with the dynamic energy and innovative choreography that has made them a staple in the Los Angeles art scene. Under the helm of artistic director Regina Klenjoski, the company of six dancers and an impressive roster of collaborating artists continue to forge new ground in the contemporary dance world.

The company’s repertory of 31 dance works includes intimate choreographic studies, dramatic evening-length works, dance films and site-specific installations. Ms. Klenjoski’s work has been noted for its exquisite design and moving performances, all of which have won her accolades from California’s foremost authorities on dance. Lewis Segal of the LA Times has said, “Regina Klenjoski (is one) of the most active and ambitious dance makers leading Southland contemporary companies…always out there presenting new work and exploring new directions.” Backed up by 24 Lester Horton Award nominations and numerous commissions and presentations nationwide, her work serves as an artistic ambassador for southern California.

RKDC’s artistic versatility extends itself into the realm of arts education and community service. Having long been the South Bay leader in the dance arts, the company has received numerous grants and awards for their work in the fields of dance performance and dance education. In 1999, RKDC was awarded an ongoing partnership with the City of Torrance, Learning Center for Arts Excellence. There, the company has developed a residency program for the local community offering over 35 dance classes a week, performing at the James Armstrong Theatre and from 2001-2008, produced the SOLA Contemporary Dance Festival, a showcase for emerging local choreographers. In 2001 RKDC incorporated as a 501(c) 3, allowing the company to expand their efforts in bringing quality performances and educational opportunities to a wide-ranging and diverse audience.

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